Monday, January 28, 2013

It's been a busy week...

At the end of my previous entry, the girls were headed to Okemo for 3 FIS Devo races - 1 GS and 2 SL's.  For some of the girls, it was their first chance to break into the higher level FIS races.  For the U18 athletes, it was their first set of qualifiers for U18 Nationals with the SL's counting as qualifiers.  The first race was the GS followed by the 2 SL's.

FIS Devo GS, January 16th

Courtney Hayden - 30th
Elly Bengtsson - 44th
Sophie Leiter - 46th
Alita Rogers - 52nd
Emma Sahn - 56th
Linley Shaw - 58th
Sarah Reilly - 78th
Caroline Armbruster - 80th
Neza Stefanic - 87th
Sarah Rowse - 90th
Molly Danzig - 97th
Lucy Merriam - 99th

FIS Devo U18 Nationals Qualifier SL, January 17th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 5th
Alita Rogers - 13th
Denali Balser - 34th
Courtney Hayden - 36th
Linley Shaw - 39th
Elly Bengtsson - 43rd
Sophie Leiter - 46th
Molly Danzig - 89th
Sarah Rowse - 90th
Caroline Armbruster - 95th
Sarah Reilly - 99th

FIS Devo U18 Nationals Qualifier SL, January 18th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 1st
Alita Rogers - 7th
Denali Balser - 21st
Emma Sahn - 26th
Lucy Merriam - 39th
Elly Bengtsson - 42nd
Caroline Armbruster - 54th
Sarah Reilly 56th
Sarah Rowse - 65th
Sophie Leiter - 72nd
Molly Danzig - 74th

Kelsey's FIS Devo Victory

Our U16 team members travels to Burke for a U16 GS on January 21st and a VARA Open GS on the 22nd.
NVC U16 GS at Burke, January 21st

Sandra Schoepke - 4th overall
Katelyn O'Toole - 18th 2nd run

VARA Open GS at Burke, January 22nd

Sandra Schoepke - 9th, 3rd for U16's
Katelyn O'Toole - 13th, 7th for U16's

Alita, Kelsey, and Elly competed at Okemo for 3 days of Eastern Cups with 1 GS and 2 SG's.

FIS Eastern Cup GS at Okemo, January 23rd

Kelsey Chenoweth - 19th, 3rd for U18's
Alita Rogers - 41st
Elly Bengtsson - 48th

FIS Eastern Cup SG at Okemo, January 24th

Elly Bengtsson - 33rd
Alita Rogers - 36th

FIS Eastern Cup SG at Okemo, January 25th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 11th
Elly Bengtsson - 25th
Alita Rogers - 45th

After the Eastern Cup's, we took a large group down to Killington for a VT Cup GS.  This may have been the longest race I have ever been to...we didn't load the van to drive home until 4:40pm!  They started late, had some timing issues, a power outage, and then took their time getting awards out.  The awards however, were sweet, literally.  They handed out Slopeside Syrup to the top 3 in each age group, sending up home with plenty of syrup...

USSA VT Cup GS at Killington, January 27th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 1st
Sandra Schoepke - 3rd, 2nd for U16's
Emma Sahn - 4th, 2nd for U18's
Sophie Leiter - 5th, 3rd for U18's
Katelyn O'Toole - 9th, 3rd for U16's
Linley Shaw - 10th
Sarah Reilly - 27th
Sarah Rowse - 41st
Molly Danzig - 50th
Caroline Armbruster - 52nd
Lucy Merriam - 59th

U18 Podium Sweep!  Kelsey 1st, Emma 2nd, Sophie 3rd

Sandra 2nd and Katelyn 3rd on the U16 Podium
This week we are continuing with a GS block until we jump back into SL before heading to Bromley and Pico for back-to-back VT Cup SL's over the weekend!  Sandra and Katelyn will be racing in the 3rd NVC race of the season on Sunday with a GS at Stowe.  Kelsey and Elly will be heading off to Sugarloaf for Speed Week with 2 SG's and 2 DH's scheduled over the week.  Until next time...

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