Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More powder - less training!

Well, the weather has certainly been causing some training issues but it has been creating ample opportunities to free ski on some great snow!  This past week we were able to get in 3 days of GS progression starting with free skiing/drills on Tuesday, training on Exhibition Hill on Wednesday, training on SL Hill Thursday, followed by some great powder skiing Friday/Saturday, and finished the week with a full day of GS training on Main Street.  The girls are heading to Sunapee for two FIS Devo GS on February 14th and 15th...yes, a Valentine's Day race!  That means two things, 1) They will have to be each others Valentine's and 2) Some seriously discounted candy at stores on the way home!

While we were skiing powder, Kelsey and Elly were up at Sugarloaf for Speed Week.  The girls raced in 2SG's and 2DH's and both had some great results.  Kelsey dropped the hammer on the women's field winning both DH's by nearly 1 second each and Elly got her feet wet racing in her first ever DH's!  One of Kelsey's DH wins was in the long time running Rand Stowell DH.  She joined many big names on the trophy, one of those big names being Lucy's mom Eva!

FIS Eastern Cup SG at Sugarloaf, February 4th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 11th
Elly Bengtsson - 18th

FIS Eastern Cup SG at Sugarloaf, February 5th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 9th
Elly Bengtsson - 21st

FIS Eastern Cup DH at Sugarloaf, February 7th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 1st
Elly Bengtsson - 15th

FIS Eastern Cup DH at Sugarloaf, February 7th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 1st
Elly Bengtsson - 9th

On Sunday, we sent a group of girls to race in an Eastern Cup SL at Middlebury with a stacked, collegiate field.  The penalty for the race was 13, that is a serious field!  They all had some great moments although we had a couple of DNF's for Lucy Merriam and Denali Balser.

FIS Eastern Cup SL at Middlebury, February 10th

Kelsey Chenoweth - 22nd, 1st for U18's
Alita Rogers - 26th, 3rd for U18's
Courtney Hayden - 42nd
Kelsey and Alita on the U18 Podium at Middlebury

Sandra Schoepke raced SL at Sugarbush on Sunday in her final NVC race of the season.  She had a solid performance with a 3rd place second run and finished 4th overall.  She also finished as the 4th ranked girl in the NVC this season!

Lastly, we had another exciting gym competition.  This week we set up a circuit which consisted of sit-ups, body weight squats, hurdles, jump rope, more hurdles, and push-ups.  The girls were split up into 4 teams of 3, and they treated the circuit as a relay and a two run race.  The combined time results are...

1st - C4's (Chubby Cheesy Chunky Chispa's) Molly, Lucy, Linley - 5 minutes 15.9 seconds
2nd - FAATT (Fun Activities All The Time) Neza, Denali, Sandra - 5 minutes 25.1 seconds
3rd - Ba Na Na Naa - Alita, Courtney, Sophie - 5 minutes 27 seconds
4th - Brunette Betches - Emma, Sarah, Caroline - 5 minutes 58.7 second

Circuit Podium...classic Denali.
Good luck to the girls at Sunapee this week and we will have a handful of girls heading to Waterville to race two USSA SL's on February 16th and 17th.  Til next time...

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