Friday, March 8, 2013

Denali Balser is the World's Best Skier!

Yes, it is true!  As many of you probably saw on Sports Center, Denali Balser is the 2013 World's Best Skier!  She had an amazing come from behind victory after finishing 3rd on on the 1st run.  Emma Sahn was poised to take the title but had an unfortunate DNF 2nd run.
World's Best Skier at Bromley, March 2nd

Denali Balser - 1st
Lucy Merriam - 4th
Elly Bengtsson - 7th
Sophie Leiter - 8th
Neza Stefanic - 17th
Molly Danzig - 19th
Sarah Rowse - 22nd
Caroline Armbruster - 24th
Linley Shaw - 27th

World's Best Skier
While Denail was being crowned World's Best Skier, Sandra was at Sugarbush racing in the final weekend of U16 VT State Championships.  She finished 3rd in both GS races over the weekend and ended up finished 2nd in the Overall State Championships with scoring taking place over the course of 2 SL's and 2 GS's.  She is off to Sugarloaf for the U16 Eastern Championships, racing SG/GS/SL from March 7th - 11th.

State Championship GS podium

VT State Championship Overall Podium
This week has consisted of more drills and free skiing.  The coaching staff has been trying to prep the trail for the upcoming Eastern Junior Finals as well as making sure we have a quality surface for the remainder of the season.  They were on the hill until 2am both Sunday and Monday nights watering the hill with snow making hoses.  It is not nearly as glorious as it sounds, trust me.  On Monday, we watered from about 5pm until 2am!  Needless to say, it has been a long week but now we get to showcase our athletes and program as we host the Easter Junior Finals starting March 7th and running through March 11th.

Alita and Kelsey are currently at Mammoth competing in the U18 National Championships.  After a major schedule change due to weather, they raced SL on March 5th.  Alita had a solid performance finishing 6th in a very competitive field.  All reports are that Kelsey was having a ripping 2nd run before taking a tumble a couple of gates from the finish.
Nice jackets, goooooo Bumble Bees!
The girls are involved in a championship series of some sort for the next 5+ days so please send them your good vibes!

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