Monday, January 2, 2012

Cochran's Night SL, GS, and back to school!

On December 30th, we took the team to Cochran's for the 1st Annual Cochran's Holiday Night SL.  For many, it was their first opportunity to put the last month of hard work both in the gym and on the slopes to the test.  It is never easy getting in the start gate for the first time of the season and all athletes handle it differently.  Some can channel their nerves into aggression, while others get a little tentative with the idea of racing for the first time.  It was a cold evening that only got colder as the night progressed, thus, I do not have many pictures... sorry!  All in all, we had some great results and solid skiing.  The coaches were all proud to see how well the team is skiing and are excited to think about the direction we are headed.  It was nice to have Igor at the race to see all of the girls compete.  He could not have been more thrilled with how they skied and was really proud to have them representing the club.  Excellent job everyone, keep working hard!

Alita Rogers - 3rd (1st for J2's)
Kelsey Chenoweth - 4th (2nd for J2's)
Denali Balser - 5th
Emma Sahn - 6th (3rd for J2's)
Courtney Hayden - 7th
Linley Shaw - 8th
Hayley Armbruster - T13th
Sloane Ross - T15th
Sophie Leiter - 22nd
Lucy Merriam - 25th
Sarah Reilly - 41st
Neza Stefanic - T47th
Caroline Armbruster - T47th
Molly Danzig - 53rd
Colleen Cataldo - 55th
Jamie Johnson - 74th

J2 Podium

Winter break has come to a close.  On the final day of break, we finally had some quality GS training.  We are fortunate the mountain has allowed us to take over Perry Merrill Monday-Friday of this week.  While we would much rather be ripping on our trail, Main St., Perry Merrill is in reality a better venue to hone our GS skills.  The moderate terrain allows the athletes to get up to speed but not have to battle the aggressiveness of Main St.  On New Year's Day, the coaching staff along with the help of some UVM athletes and coaches went up and lined the trail with 60 rolls of fence.  With the cold temps this week, we will finally have the opportunity to focus on GS and try to figure some things out!

First big fencing day of the year!

The finished product

Day1 of Perry Merrill GS

For those of you that could see the mountain this morning, you will agree that the sunrise on the mountain was incredible!  For those of you who didnt see it, check out the picture below taken by Emma's dad...

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