Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Break Update

After a few days off for the Holiday's, we returned to training on Tuesday afternoon starting up a SL block.  The athletes have been working hard over the last 3 days and are ready for the Cochran's Holiday Night SL tomorrow!  For many of our athletes, this will be their first start of the season.  Having coached J3's the last couple of years, we always started our season off at Cochran's.  It is such a great place to begin your season with the easy to moderate terrain.  Athletes are able to continue with their focus from training without having to worry about skiing an aggressive pitch.  Everyone should be fired up for tomorrow as we have had a great block of SL and despite the weather, we have had a solid start to the season in terms of development.  On top of that, Cochran's is a sweet place to race!

I do have a set of competition results to report from yesterday's jump rope contest.  We had three athletes jumping at once for a 1 minute time period.  All athletes were given two opportunities to set a personal best for seeding purposes and then the top 7 were put into a single bracket elimination.  The athlete champion then moved on to face 1991 World Jump Rope Champion (8 - 10 yrs old) Erin Mascolino.  We saw many personal best records shattered, even in the bracket tournament!

Athlete Podium

Courtney Hayden - Gold Medalist
Hayley Armbruster - Silver Medalist
Kelsey Chenoweth - Bronze Medalist

World Champion Showdown

Erin Mascolino (new MMSC record 199) defeats Courtney Hayden

Athlete Records

Courtney Hayden - 188
Hayley Armbruster - 174
Kelsey Chenoweth - 172
Molly Danzig - 163
Alita Rogers - 156
Caroline Armbruster - 151
Michelle Connacher - 143
Denali Balser - 134
Emma Sahn - 132
Lucy Merriam - 112
Linley Shaw 110
Colleen Cataldo - 106
Sarah Reilly - 106
Sophie Leiter - 105
Sloane Ross - 94

We are ready for Cochran's tomorrow, I know you will all represent MMSC well!

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