Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The week of the Podium!

First, I realized that I forgot to update the status of Emma and Linley as far as J2 Nationals qualification.  They are in!!  We will be sending 3 girls to compete at Mammoth.  They leave on Saturday for 10 days of training and racing with the best J2's in the USA!

We had a solid week of training and racing.  Some athletes competed in 3 races in 4 days, starting at Suicide 6 on Thursday, Pico on Saturday, and Killington on Sunday (Sugarbush attempted to host a GS Sunday but canceled due to too much snow).  We had some great results throughout the team and managed to collect some serious hardware as well!

VC SL at Suicide 6, 2/23

We had some great skiing at Suicide 6 for a midweek VC SL.  We had 7 girls finish in the top 15 and all of our girls finished in the top 24!  We had Hayley on the Overall Podium and Sophie on the J2 Podium and after a mistake first run, Court came down and won the second run!

Hayley Armbruster - 3rd
Lucy Merriam - 4th
Sophie Leiter - 6th (3rd for J2's)
Courtney Hayden - 7th (won 2nd run!)
Sarah Reilly - 8th
Kelsey Higgins - 10th
Issy James - 14th
Colleen Cataldo - 19th
Caroline Armbruster - 24th

Sophie on the J2 Podium

Hayley on the Overall Podium

VC SL at Pico, 2/25

The Pico VC SL was another great day for the MMSC girls.  We are starting to see some consistent, quality skiing in the races as we roll into March.  Kelsey took home the victory by well over a second and Denali finished in 3rd overall.  Emma made it onto the J2 Podium in 3rd and we had a large group of girls finish in the top 30!

Kelsey Chenoweth - 1st
Denali Balser - 3rd
Emma Sahn - 5th (3rd for J2's)
Lucy Merriam - 12th
Linley Shaw - 13th
Kelsey Higgins - 16th
Sophie Leiter - 17th
Issy James - 25th
Molly Danzig - 27th
Neza Stefanic - 29th
Sarah Reilly - 31st
Bess Teague - 36th
Caroline Armbruster - 40th
Sam Dyar - 49th
Jamie Johnson - 63rd

Emma and Kelsey on the J2 Podium

Denali and Kelsey on the Overall Podium

Denali's new look...

FIS Open SL at Killington, 2/26

We had some great 1st runs by most of the girls and some issues second run.  However, we also had some great results by a good portion of our girls as well.  Kelsey tied for the victory, her first FIS win!  Emma was again on the J2 Podium, and Lucy Merriam started 58th and finished 14th after a 6th place 2nd run!

Kelsey Chenoweth - Tied for 1st
Emma Sahn - 7th (2nd for J2's)
Lucy Merriam - 14th
Sloane Ross - 16th
Sarah Reilly - 27th
Issy James - 30th
Molly Danzig - 47th
Neza Stefanic - 49th

Kelsey and Emma on the J2 Podium

Kelsey on the Overall Podium

On Monday, the coaches headed up to Main St. to do some repair work on the fence after the 30+ inches of snow over the weekend.  The trail looked amazing and you would not believe how wide it is from Crosscut 2 to Crosscut 3.  In the picture below, you will see a few bamboo in the snow...that is where the fence line usually is before Crosscut 3...look at how faraway the fence is!

Dougie feeling good after a solid day of fencing!

Today, the girls were able to let loose and ski powder all morning which was perhaps the best mental training we could ask for.  There is nothing better than being able to head out on the mountain after a fresh 6+ inches and have fun!  The coaches we fixing the fence in between powder runs, but we definitely go our turns in today!

We are hosting 2 Women's Eastern Cup GS races this week...or at least we are hoping to host them.  The forecast is calling for another 12 inches of snow Wednesday night into Thursday.  Some are expecting another 2 feet at the mountain!

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