Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness!

We are now about 2 weeks into March Madness and well into the “Championship Season.”  Each of our athletes qualified for a championship series based on their season results to date.  The first series was the USSA J1/2 Eastern Finals at Okemo, March 4 – 6th.  The girls competed in SL, GS, and a few stayed to strap on the long boards and race SG!  Congrats to Sarah Reilly as she captured the 2012 USSA J1/2 Eastern Finals SL Championship.  She also placed 3nd in the GS right behind Sophie Leiter who finished 2nd!
SL, March 4th
Sarah Reilly – 1st
Sophie Leiter – 5th
Neza Stefanic – 12th
Molly Danzig – 17th
Caroline Armbruster – 38th
Sam Dyar – 54th
Colleen Cataldo – 64th
SL Champ Sarah Reilly!
GS, March 5th
Sophie Leiter – 2nd
Sarah Reilly – 3rd
Neza Stefanic – 15th
Molly Danzig – 37th
Caroline Armbruster – 54th
Lucy Merriam – 57th
Colleen Cataldo – 62nd

GS J2 Podium

GS Overall Podium

Awkward Podium Hug...
SG, March 6th
Sophie Leiter – 20th
Neza Stefanic – 29th
Sam Dyar – 40th
Molly Danzig – 42nd
Colleen Cataldo – 45th
Caroline Armbruster – 51st

On March 3rd, Kelsey, Emma, and Linley flew out to Mammoth Mt., CA for J2 Nationals.  While we will get a full report from the girls on their experience out West, I have some exciting results to report!  As I said, it is amazing for our program to have 3 girls ranked in the top 20 for Eastern J2’s and have them qualify for J2 Nationals.  Getting there is much more than half the battle and once you are there, it is all about letting it rip and seeing what you can do against girls from all over the USA.  Kelsey Chenoweth had an amazing series to say the least… she was 2nd in the SL, 4th in the DH, 11th in the GS (4th second run), and when the event was all said and done, she was crowned the Overall J2 National Champion!

SL, March 7th
Kelsey Chenoweth – 2nd
Emma Sahn – 22nd
Linley Shaw – 37th
SL Podium

DH, March 8th
Kelsey Chenoweth – 4th
DH Podium

SG, March 9th
Emma Sahn – 46th
GS, March 10th
Kelsey Chenoweth – 11th
Emma Sahn – 45th

J2 Overall National Champion
We also had a group of girls qualify for the Eastern NJR FIS Finals at Whiteface, March 11th – 13th.  We again saw some solid results as girls are continuing to improve upon the FIS point profile and rankings in the East.

SL – March 11th
Courtney Hayden – 13th
Denali Balser – 15th
Hayley Armbruster – 19th
Sloane Ross – 22nd
Kelsey Higgins – 45th
GS, March 13th
 Courtney Hayden - 13th
Denali Balser - 17th (DSQ2)
Sloane Ross - 18th
Hayley Armbruster - 32nd
Waiting for the ferry

Over the weekend of March 10th and 11th, we had a group of girls take a road trip to NH to race a GS and SL at Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH.  MMSC was once again all over the podium, including a podium sweep of the SL for J2’s (if they had given J2 awards…)  All reports from the weekend were great and it was a nice opportunity for the girls to get out of VT for a weekend of racing against new competition on a new hill.
GS, March 10th
Sophie Leiter – 8th (3rd for J2’s)
Sarah Reilly – 10th
Caroline Armbruster – 21st
Molly Danzig – 25th
Neza Stefanic – 28th
SL March 11th
Neza Stefanic – 4th (1st for J2’s)
Sophie Leiter – 5th (2nd for J2’s)
Sarah Reilly – 6th (3rd for J2’s)
Caroline Armbruster – 12th
Sam Dyar – 17th

We are in the final push of the season with the last handful of USSA races, Eastern Cup Finals, and the Sugar SL on the horizon.  We just need Mother Nature to cooperate and give us some colder temps as we are not quite ready for winter to end…

Below are a couple of pictures from the Cranmore Open FIS SL...we didn't have a viable tuning set-up to scrape at the hotel so the girls improvised.  Thankfully it was a beautiful day!

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