Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's finally here...

November 10th.  Finally, the date we have all been waiting for, opening day of MMWA kicking off the 10 day opening session for both MMWA and MMSC! From November 10th through the 20th, the student athletes went through multiple orientation sessions, a nutrition session, goals setting, workouts, skied for three days (some athletes four) and somewhere in there they managed to fit in time to go to class, do their homework, socialize, and sleep.  Oh, and they had to squeeze in our first team dinner of the year last Wednesday!  What a busy and productive start to the season.

Since this is the first blog of the season, I thought I might do some goal setting of my own.  The blog is a great tool for us as a program to involve parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, friends...you get the picture.  I love the blog.  I brag about the blog.  I brag about all of our fantastic athletes and most importantly, what great young people we have here.  That being said, the blog can be a bit time consuming and when push comes to shove and I have other things that need tending to, then blog seems to fall by the wayside.  However, the first goal I am going to set will be to make sure the blog is updated daily while we are at our Vail training camp.  Not a lofty goal by any means, I see this goal as very attainable.  As the season progresses, things will slightly change.  I think an appropriate goal would be a weekly blog.  This would give me the opportunity to have ample material to blog about as well as give some athletes the opportunity to do some guest blogging.  Of course, if we have any exciting team news or events that need blogging, I will make sure they are blogged about right away.  Those are two blog goals that I feel I will be able to reach this season...time to put in the work and attain my goals.

While reflecting on the first 10 days, I am still amazed at the solid friendships and bonds our athletes have developed over the years.  It is as if they never left during the spring to return home, as if they didn't spend the summer catching via text but rather in person, or as if they didn't spend the last month and half counting the days until November 10th, but continued in the academy program all year.  Here we are November 20th and it feels like things never stopped.  While we graduated a few wonderful girls and saw some leave in pursuit of other endeavours, we gained a few new faces for the upcoming season who have fit in seamlessly.  In the words of Lucy Merriam..."the family is back together again," and it is growing!

Below are a few pictures from the first 10 days...

The human knot...that ended up as two knots forever linked!
Michael in the knot!

Attempt #2, Sophie as the director!

First team dinner of the year, Chenny and Emma holding up the line...

Lucy...is everything ok?

Thanks to Jamie for the veggie stir fry and all of the desserts that people brought over!

Vail?  Nope, just a beautiful day at sunny Stowe!

First team picture of the year - thanks Dave Merriam for taking the photo!

Our Monday skiers

Is that Diane Leach with Chenny?  

 The next post will be from Vail!  Have a great Thanksgiving and get fired up to ski!

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