Monday, December 3, 2012

Vail - Day 10

The final day on-snow has come to a close and the packing has commenced.  Michael and Andy are already 3+ hours into their trek back to VT!  For the final day, we made a move to SL and the athletes seemed to enjoy the change of discipline.  We had four different sections in our lane: an apex SL, a stubby SL, and mix of stubby and full gates, and a full gate section.  It was fun to see them jump right into SL and see some early success.  Fatigue from a long camp seemed to set in a bit earlier today and the track deteriorated a bit quicker than usual.  However, everyone finished on a high note and they all came up for one last free run at Vail to close out the 2012 camp.  I am sure the athletes have mixed feelings about heading home tomorrow, but I know I am ready to get back home and into our regular schedule.  I fully enjoy my time here for our camp, but it is hard to beat our set-up at home!  We are VT bound tomorrow morning and I leave you with a couple of pictures from today as well as one Sandra took yesterday at the World Cup.  I failed to mention that in between runs the "Go-Pro Bomb Squad" parachuted into the finished coral, pretty sweet to watch!

Great shot Sandra!

Halfway down our lane looking towards the top

Halfway down our lane looking toward the base

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  1. Thanks Topher, ang guest bloggers, for the great pics and commentary about the daily happenings. Fun to stay connected!