Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vail - Day 7

With day 7 complete, our guest bloggers tonight are Linley and Sandra.  We had another great day of GS, this time incorporating actual GS gates.  We still used the top brush as if we were skiing an apex course, but used a full GS gate in place of the bottom brush.  It was a nice change of pace for the girls as it gave them a different visual while skiing.

Today we were treated with a half an hour sleep in.  It was a relaxing morning but of course Lori didn't want us to get too comfortable so she scheduled a morning session of study hall.  After study hall, we had lunch at 11 and we were out on the hill by 11:30.  The conditions today were “awesome” says Sandra.  Today was exciting because it was the first day we were in gates!  Most people were satisfied with their run, but a few girls still hoped for the better.  Nevertheless, our coaches, Topher, Garrett, Jamie, and Michael were there to comfort us if we needed it or push us to our bitter end.  We had quite a bit of free time today after training to do whatever we pleased.  Some of us joined the boys for an intense game of Swedish, which sadly there was no winner.  Others went into town, tuned skis, showered, or did homework.  Everyone is getting pumped up to go watch Birds of Prey on Sunday, especially because we will be watching MMWA's very own Robby Kelly in the GS!  Robby is really cute... Shout out to mom and dad... specifically Sandra and mine's moms... Deb & Deb!   

Below are a few pictures from today as well as two "shots of the day!"  Unfortunately, my camera died early during the session so I was only able to snap a few shots of the athletes today.  I'll have more up tomorrow...

Halfway down our lane



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