Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vail - Day 8

Our guest bloggers today are Sophie and Alita.  Their post is accompanied by an on-hill photo of them from training today...
Nap time...
As exhaustion sets in here at Vail a top of the course nap has become a common occurrence . While Sophie and I sprawled out at the top of the GS course we observed our teammates. We witnessed LBC (little baby Courtney) shattering the ice, Chenny crushing as usual and Caroline demonstrating new ways to wear a belt. We saw K-Link (Ingrid Klinkenburg) fight to link her turns and D-Bals (Denali Balser) doing some top of the course ski prep. We also witnessed G-Bals ( Griffen Balser) shredding some slalom. He is one in a long line of crushers from Suicide Six.

*Nicknames courtesy of Topher Harlow

We are now on the verge of our day off and the possibilities seem endless. We can catch up on sleep, tune our skies, do some homework.... Who are we kidding, the town is calling!! Bowling, hot tubbing, and eating out is the name of the game for the next 36 hours! We will be going to watch the men's GS at Beaver Creek tomorrow but after the GS we've seen the last few days they'll look like j5s, excuse me, U10s

We are late for yet another Starbucks run now gotta go!

Love Alita & Sophie   

After skiing, we had another exciting game of Swedish!  I was able to get some epic action shots as well as a video of the girls doing a strange warm-up activity...

Tough match up for LBC

Get her Lori!

Look out Michael!

Go Lucy, GO!!

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