Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vail - Day 6

Today's guest bloggers are Sarah and Courtney.  We had another productive day with a double session of Apex GS.  Tomorrow we will have a single session of GS skiing, finally moving into some tall gates for the first time this season...

We awoke this morning eager for the ski day as well as for breakfast, which consisted of French toast, eggs, hash browns and a full array of fruit. After our stomachs were filled, we got on the lift at nine. The slope was filled with several courses and we were surrounded by many world cup racers and their coaches throughout the day.  Off the bat, we started our training with an apex brush course. The snow held up well in the morning but the afternoon sun started to shine through softening the snow.  So, we broke at 11:00 for a nutritious lunch of soft shell tacos. By 12:30 we were back on the slopes with the world cup racers alongside. Once we were all tired out we took off our boots and put on our sneakers. We enjoyed a fun co-ed game of Swedish, where many of us got intense grass stains. Not to mention we annihilated the boys (just kidding, but we did do well).  Now here we are at the dinner table, post tuning and getting ready for study hall. We look forward to more skiing, games and learning  ;)


Sarah and Courtney 

Panoramic view from the top of our lane

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