Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015-16 Blog is LIVE!

The 2015-16 season is officially underway! We nearly have a completely new squad this year, with only two returning athletes from the 2014-15 U18 Women's Team - Ashley Houser and Katelyn O'Toole (disabled list last season). To make a long story short, we have combined our U16 and U19 teams to have one women's team. We are off to a great start with a fun group of girls. Once we have the full team, we will have 13 athletes.

Session 1 MMWA athletes started on November 2nd and went through a week of classes and dryland before departing for our Colorado camp on November 8th. Over the first week, they participated in a variety of activities. We began with a full team hike up Sterling to the top of Main Street. The terrain on Main Street looks without snow is wild and it is so impressive to see how much snow it takes to get the trail ready for us! Tuesday they went through a rigorous sprint workout, followed by Wallyball on Wednesday, then a hike up Pinnacle on Thursday, and finished the week with an initial goal setting workshop on Friday and physical testing.

Monday, November 9th was our first day on snow! While the space wasn't ideal since Copper did not have the Main Vein open, we still had a great first day! It is always fun to get your boots and skis on make those first turns of season.

Day 2 provided better space for us and we had a very productive day. The girls have been working on GS fundamentals while skiing on their SL skis. Skiing on the shorter ski allows them to focus on the body position and movements of GS without the struggle of turning the bigger GS skis. They did a fantastic job progressing today and everyone made some strides in their skiing.

Apparently, I am a giant.

We also ran into a couple of former MMSC/MMWA athletes who were part of the 2015 graduating class - Sandra Schoepke and Ingrid Klinkenberg. It's always fun to see our former athletes and teammates continuing to pursue their skiing dreams. Sandra is currently enrolled in a PG program at with the Park City Ski Team in Utah while Ingrid in skiing in a PG program in Aspen, CO. We wish them the best of luck this season!

Over the first two days on snow, the girls have taken a total of 183 runs. Tomorrow morning, we will continue with our GS progression with some directed freeskiing in lane space. In the afternoon, we will transition to GS skis.

Until next time!

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