Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 4 - Colorado Camp

Today was a classic Colorado day. With temps in the single digits over night and the storm clearing out, we woke up to blue skies and hero snow. We made the transition to GS skis today and things are always a bit challenging for the first couple of runs on the longer boards. After a couple of warm-up runs, we slowed things down a bit and worked on a few drills that really pushed building early edge angle and ankle flexion. The girls worked hard throughout the morning and everyone made noticeable improvements.

Kate smiles. She really does.
2,000 vertical feet each lap!

Angles giving some girls a tuning clinic
After lunch, we went back out and the girls continued to progress with the developing the top of the turn. It was fun for us (coaches) to watch all of them really start to engage the ankle first and resist the urge to simply drop the hip inside and ride the sidecut of the ski.

Tomorrow, we will be back on GS skis for continued work on the fundamentals. It is supposed to be another amazing day with temps providing a perfect surface!

Until next time!

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