Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vail - Day 3

As a new feature for the blog this year, we will be having guest bloggers throughout the season.  The guest bloggers will be used for the duration of the camp.  That being said, here is our first guest blogger entry of the season…

As our third day draws to a close, we wanted to share our great day with everyone. Our day started with a morning warm-up jog and stretch with a fabulous view of the mountain, followed by a nutritious breakfast. When we arrived promptly at 8:45am at the bottom of the lift, the sun was creeping through the trees, making us excited for the day.  We started our training with a few warm-up runs, followed by some interesting drills involving clapping, jumping, passing the pole, and Schlopy’s.  Once we nailed those, the brushes made an appearance, forcing us to turn on command and at times testing our patience.  Even with 9zies, 10zies, and 11zies, we were starving by 11:45. Lunch and a short break rejuvenated us. As we arrived back on the hill, we were extremely impressed by Resi Stiegler and a Para-Olympic athlete who was shredding slalom on one leg. All those in the slipping line, stopped to stare. After our intensive day of training, everyone enjoyed a restful afternoon with tuning and dinner.  Oh yeah, and study hall.

Lots of love,

Lucy and Neza.

Top of the training hill - AM

Base of the training hill

Top of the training hill - PM

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