Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vail - Day 5

Another day of great GS skiing.  The snow conditions are ideal for what we are trying to accomplish.  The girls do not have to battle ruts, rocks, or other poor snow variables.  They are able to work on progressing without having to worry about the snow surface...unless their skis are dull!  The coaching staff has spent some time in the tuning room with the girls making sure they are successful in their tuning so they can be productive on the hill the next day.

This afternoon we took to the field for an exciting game of "Swedish."  Swedish can be described as - man or woman for themselves massive game of dodge ball, but with the twist of if the person that got you out is knocked out, you are back in!  The game was intense, fun, and extremely tiring to play at altitude...especially for some coaches.  We all had quite a blast and have some very entertaining video from the game that will be incorporated into the end of the year video.

Another day of GS tomorrow and another day of 40 degrees and sunny!  Below are a few pictures from today.

Our lane for today

Michael and Igor

The disabled Aussie skier referenced in a previous blog

Pictures from our serious game of "Swedish"

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