Monday, November 14, 2011

And so it begins...

The women's program will be embarking on another new endeavor and we will be throwing our hat into the world of blogging.  While a majority of the initial posts will be authored by the coaching staff, as the season progresses we will have a number of athlete posts as well.  My ambition at this point is to have daily blog entries, ideally a picture of the day and/or video clip.  The possibilities are endless!  In its infancy stages, my hopes are high for the blog much like my hopes are high for the season.  We have an amazing group of athletes (thanks to all of you parents), an incredible staff, a great school, and the ideal training facility.  Now it's time to get to work!

With our camp at Vail rapidly approaching, I thought it might be fitting to start the blogging with a photo from our future destination.  For those of you who went to Vail last year, the picture is taken from the top of the pitch on the training hill.  (Photo courtesy of SMS coach Dylan Snell.)  Things are looking good!

All for now...


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