Monday, November 21, 2011

Sprints and skates

What a day!  As I have said before, the girls have been working really hard and today was no different.  We were able to change things up today and get outside for a sprint workout before heading to the Waterbury Ice Center.  The girls were put through about 50 sprints of various distances and both forward and backward.  They ranged from a GS style sprint, change of pace sprint, rollover-stand up-and sprint, and finished with a series of chase sprints.  There were so many pictures to choose from but here are a few that stood out:

The ever important warm-up and dynamic stretching

If you were caught in the GS was 10 push-ups...Sloane was caught only because she fell!

Sloane getting "caught"

Issy working her way through the GS sprints in reverse

Receiving directions for the rollover-stand up-sprint

Getting after it!

The Chase!
After the sprints, we headed to the Waterbury Ice Arena for some fun.

It was a great cool down activity and a change of pace for everyone.  It was nice to see everyone have a chance to glide around on skates, dance a bit, and enjoy some laughs.  We did manage to take some quality video of both sprinting and ice dancing...which will make it into the end of the year video!

One more day before Thanksgiving Break...

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