Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vail - Day 1

As I sit down to start our first Vail blog, it occurs to me that most of you are 2 hours ahead of us.  By the time I get a moment to sit down and blog, you may all be asleep!

So Day 1, spectacular!  We had a blue bird Colorado day.  For the most part, the snow conditions were ideal for our first day on snow with the exception of a few thin spots and random floaters.  We spent the morning making turns as a full team, aside from our two ailing athletes who took the morning off.  We made lap after lap around the Mid-Vail Lodge and its safe to say everyone had a huge smile throughout the morning...coaches included.  After lunch we skied in two smaller groups (formed by those who were on-time and those who were slightly late after lunch) but still continued with the same focus of fun and miles with small tidbits of technical advice.  We returned to the hotel around 3:45pm, had stretching and yoga lead by Lucy and Molly at 4:30pm, and as I finish this blog we have dinner at 6:00pm.  Needless to say it was a full day considering we started with a jog and stretching at 7:15am.  Tomorrow should be another beautiful day, enjoy the pics from today!

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