Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another busy morning...

We had another busy morning of activities and dryland.  We started off with a solid goals setting (brainstorming) session...

Rather than sitting in front of a computer, we took a step back and picked up a pen and paper.  Erin worked her way through our MMSC goals sheet as athletes wrote down some notes about their personal goals for each section.  We decided that brainstorming about our goals before trying to formulate them might help when the time comes to construct them.  Hopefully it will help them out when they sit down to complete the goals section on Sideline Sports.

Then it was time for some team building.  Athletes had to line up by height...without speaking.  They then had to rearrange themselves by birthday...again without speaking.  My directions seemed to be the only thing that made this difficult (surprisingly enough) so once we were clear on how they were to line up they seemed to manage just fine without speaking...maybe I am on to something here?  The group then split into two and took on "the human knot."  For those of you who are not familiar with the human knot, here is a brief description: form a tight circle, put your right hand in and grab the right hand of someone across from you, put your left hand in and grab the left hand of a different person...then try to untangle without letting go...oh and no speaking!

One group was able to get untangled in less than a minute which is unheard of!  The other group labored over their knot and eventually needed the help of speaking to untangle!  Then came the full team knot...

After 12 minutes of the knot standing, trying to sit, "you go through here...I think my wrist is breaking...Can you open a window?..."  The knot was clearly going nowhere and we needed to head into the gym so we had to abandon the knot for today but it will be revisited!

Today was our first team workout using Sideline Sports so it was a bit of a learning process.  However, it became clear as things progressed that they were understanding how the program worked and how to follow the workout.  This is an amazing tool that we have at our disposal.  I am excited to see how things take shape as the season continues.

Dryland continues tomorrow!

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