Monday, December 12, 2011


Sunday turned into Funday after a great core workout.  We headed to Colchester to hit up Spare Time for 3+hours of bowling!  While I don't have any big scores to report, I did see lots of smiling and laughing, and yes, coed bowling!  I did capture some quality video which will make an appearance at the end of the year as well as some pictures that I will post in the next blog...I need to locate my camera first.

The same four girls finished their Open FIS SL series at Sunday River and had some solid skiing.  Court again was skiing well but missed out on reaching the finish.  Denali finished 23rd, Kelsey 25th, and Alita 15th.

Alita 2nd for J2's

We will finally start training at Stowe tomorrow!  The mountain is working really hard to prepare SL Hill for us and hopefully we will be able to start training there Wednesday.  For tomorrow though, its to Lower North Slope!

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