Sunday, December 18, 2011

A lot to catch up on!

With some difficult weather, we spent quite a bit of time in the gym last week.  We did have an entertaining circuit one afternoon to change things up a bit.  After using it for our workout, the athletes were split into teams and the circuit became a serious obstacle course relay race!  The event was scored on total time and the highly anticipated results are...

5th Place - The Fantastic Four, 5mins 25.0secs
4th Place - Team Smelly, 5mins 9.8secs
Bronze Medal - Team Deuces, 5mins 7.7secs
Silver Medal - Notorious Thugs, 4mins 44.8secs (fastest run of the day 2mins 13.3secs)
Gold Medal - Four-Rocious 4mins 41.9secs

Friday night we went to Shelburne to Colleen's house to put her wood fired pizza oven to the test!  The night was a great success.  The athletes had a great time and made some creative pizzas, shared some great laughs, but failed to figure out who took a bite out of Sophies whoopie pie...for some reason they think it was me.  Thank you to the Cataldo clan for hosting us!

Hard to see, but their pizza dough came out heart shaped!

Saturday, the mountain open SL Hill exclusively for ski club training.  They ran the Alpine Double just for us!  It took a few runs to get through to a firm surface, but once we did it we had some quality training.  We had a few guests with us for the day: Morgan Klein and Amanda Reilly from Stratton, Michelle Connacher from Proctor (by way of MMSC), and Alita's Uncle Mark.  After 2 hours of full length, we shortened the course and had a team sprint SL race.  We randomly split the girls into teams of 5, including Uncle Mark.  They were able to run the course as many times as possible with each athletes best time being used for their total team time.  It was an exciting event and a great way to finish the day with each girl pushing harder and harder each run.  And the results are...

4th Place - Hayley, Amanda Reilly (SMS), Sam, Jamie, Emma, Uncle Mark
Bronze Medal - Colleen, Elly, Molly, Linley, Michelle Connacher (Proctor)
Silver Medal - Lucy, Issy, Sarah, Alita, Bess
Gold Medal - Caroline, Morgan Klein, Courtney, Sophie, Neza

Today was another great day of SL training.  The surface on SL Hill was amazing!  We skied two different sections working with a rhythm section on the top flat and then a tradition SL set from the top of the pitch down.

We have a group of athletes racing over the next few days in the first Eastern Cup's of the season.  Good luck to Alita, Bess, Denali, Emma, Hayley, Issy, Kelsey, Linley, and Sloane as they race SL tomorrow at Sunday River!

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