Saturday, December 10, 2011

There's no place like home!

We are finally skiing at home!  At lease, we were skiing at home...  We managed to get one day on snow at Stowe on Friday.  While the skiing was less than ideal, it was still nice to make some turns at home for the first time this season!  Now we are taking the weekend off to stay away from all the yahoo's on the ribbon of death and preserve our personal health! 

The top of Stowe, still managing to smile!

Today was the first race for a few of our team members.  Alita, Courtney, Denali, and Kelsey made the trek to Sunday River to start their season.  It was reported that everyone had some positive moments throughout the day: Court skied really well but failed to finish first run, Alita ended up 13th after 2 runs but was disqualified for straddling 2nd run, Kelsey put together two clean runs to finish 19th, and Denali recovered from a 1st run mistake to finish 13th 2nd run and 20th overall.

Sunday River SL

Kelsey 3rd for J2's

Looking forward to another good workout tomorrow morning followed by some serious bowling!  Good luck to the girls racing again, go fast!

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