Tuesday, December 20, 2011

E Cup SL's

For the last two days, we had a group of athletes racing in the first Eastern Cups of the season at Sunday River. We had a healthy mix of results for the first ECup series of the year and I think everyone had some bright spots over the two days.  MMSC collected 4 of the 6, J2 podium spots for the two days and we had a couple of girls score career results.

Monday -
     Alita - 18th, 1st for J2's
     Kelsey - 20th, 2nd for J2's
     Linley - 52nd
     Hayley - 58th
     Sloane - 63rd
     Issy - 76th

J2 Podium (missing 3rd Place Lexi Skovran)

Tuesday -
     Alita - 19th, 1st for J2's
     Kelsey - 22nd, 2nd for J2's
     Denali - 32nd
     Linley - 46th
     Emma - 48th
     Issy - 62nd
     Hayley - 80th hiked 2nd run :(

J2 Podium (missing 3rd Place Lexi Skovran)
We still have a handful of athletes racing back to back GS's for the next two days, good luck to Alita, Denali, Kelsey, Linley, and Sloane!

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