Thursday, August 1, 2013

France Camp - Day 2

Tonights blog comes courtesy of the girls!  We had another fantastic day, enjoy their blog entry...

We’ve discovered that the French are very patient people. Early mornings are so peaceful. It’s a perfect way to wake up. There’s no pushing and shoving, but definitely no cutting in line. You don’t get ski boots to the cheeks, and definitely not elbows to the stomachs. And don’t even worry about the sharp edges of skis surrounding you. Do you think you could fit 75 people with all their ski equipment in a 5’ by 5’ area? Well the French think you can. Despite morning difficulties, we always end up late to the mountain and always get ditched on the T-Bar. However the weather has been beautiful, proved by our many instagram photos (over 50 likes not a big deal-which we are proud to tell you). The snow is impeccable. However we would not recommend falling, because there is great chance you are falling on cement as Topher and Ingrid have shown us. Some more good news, we can actually turn our GS skis, which came as a HUGE shocker, considering Topher prepared us for the worst. To conclude the morning, Sandra and Ingrid sprinted using their intense speed and strength in the high altitude to arrive at the chairlift 3rd to avoid the mad rush of foreign people. Elly and Neza trickled in slowly, getting swamped by Italians.
Did you know you could play soccer on a tennis court? Cause that’s what we did for an afternoon activity. Some suffered painful losses, others great victories. 
Just a little thanks to all of our parents, I know we are all a little tired but we really thank you for sending us out here because this trip is totally worth it!

Remember to check in every day to read our quotes of the day!

Quotes of The Day:

Neza: “damn you slow internet!!!”

Sandra: “Oh my god I have so much homework!”

Elly:  “Hey anyone want to go for a run?”  (Everyone else, “NOOOOO”)

Ingrid:  “I set 3 alarms so we would wake up on time today!”

Topher:  “ Is Lorant wearing Shants?...Hey look, that guy is wearing shundies!”

*Shants= man capris *Shundies= man undies mixed with shorts(so super short shorts)

Everyone:  “My shins hurt…and I am soooooo tired!”

Top of the glacier!

Snack time

Mid-station of the gondola

Looking down the tram line

Waiting for the tram
We are looking forward to another day on the GS skis tomorrow.  Today the girls moved into some drills and we will continue with our GS progression for the next couple of days.

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