Friday, August 2, 2013

France Camp - Day 3

Another entertaining entry from the girls after a great day  They all skied very well today. We spent much of the morning working on drills and continuing to work on GS skiing.  They have been fantastic so far and are making some great turns!

            Another day has come to an end in Les Deux, France.  We started out the morning with an early breakfast and a pushy line for the chair lift.  Once we got up to the mountain we claimed our spot upon the hill and started out with the shlopey drill.  The snow was firm and fast which was a bennefit on the flats.  We zoomed down the hill time and time again until we finally had a photo/snack break with a very nice view of the surrounding mountains.  We continued to make progress throughout the morning and joined the mad rush to the gondola, tram, and chair lift.

Top t-bar 
Amazing condition


Snack time!

We enjoyed a peaceful and normal lunch and had a relaxing rest hour.  As an afternoon activity everyone participated in a group volleyball game with us 4 girls as semi unwilling elected captains.  The games were pretty intense (the testosterone was out of control) but overall we walked back to the hotel with smiles and sand covered bodies. 

The day has concluded and everyone is eager to climb into bed.  We are exhausted and preparing for another early morning in the Alpes!

Quotes of The Day:

Neza:  "My calfs hurt.  (one minute later)  my calfs really hurt!"

Elly:  "I wonder if the french have a word for joeys?"  Topher replies, "Americans"

Ingrid:  "Why does everyone think I'm from Canada?...oh wait, my GS suit..."

Sandra:  "This desert is gross....i'll try another one!"

Tomorrow we will be continuing with our GS progression.  The girls are being quite vague with their description of the morning lift line...I think I might video it tomorrow...

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