Tuesday, August 6, 2013

France Camp - Day 7

We had another productive day on the glacier.  The snow was great for a majority of the morning, allowing the girls to ski without any soft snow issues.  We primarily worked on hip movement today, doing a series of drills to help the girls be active with their hip movements and feel the difference when they get their hips moving.  We worked on drills throughout the first session of the morning and after snack, the girls were able to just "ski." They were to try to incorporate the movement into their GS skiing, without the actual drill forcing them into the correct position.  I attempted to get some action shots of them out on the hill, although with just my iPhone it is a bit challenging...

Ingrid laying it over

Elly looking strong and level

Sandra showing off a solid body position

Neza in great position

Quotes of the Day

Topher - "Have you guys been to the bathroom in the lodge yet? I ran into Neza there...its a coed bathroom."

Sandra - "Ugh, my ear is fine! I'm going to kill my dad.  I say that a lot..."

Elly - To a group of Swiss people, "how do you say 'hi' in Swedish?" Swiss folks - "We are Swiss..." Ingrid - "Look it up on Google Translate."

Neza - "My head isn't high enough to hit the pillow on the chairs." Topher - "Get taller."

Ingrid - "Yes, they have chocolate mousse for lunch!"

This afternoon was filled with more volleyball and some very competitive games.  We are looking forward to another day on snow tomorrow and more GS skiing.  The girls are feeling very fortunate to have this "no pressure" set-up to continue building their GS skills.  Thanks for getting them here!

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