Thursday, August 8, 2013

France Camp - Day 8

The 8th day of camp proved to be our most challenging.  With high winds, thunder, lightning, and some rain, the mountain did not open today.  While the extra rest was nice, it was a bit frustrating to not be out there after some productive days.  It rained on and off much of the morning but stopped after lunch.  In the afternoon, we got together for some dynamic stretching followed by an hour and a half of volleyball.  The temperature has dropped significantly and the forecast is calling for nights to be in the 30's and days in the 60's so we could be looking at a very firm surface for the last few days of camp.  This should allow us to be very productive for our time on snow as the surface will stay hard throughout the morning.  Tomorrow's forecast, however, is looking much like today's, but hopefully being in the mountains will prove the forecast to be wrong.  Either way, we will be ready to go tomorrow morning if they run the lifts.

The girls discovered in a French magazine that Denali Balser had been hiding her modeling hobby.  The secret is out, it just took a trip to France to find one of her ads!

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