Sunday, August 4, 2013

France Camp - Day 4 and 5

Sorry for the delay and lack of post after yesterday, but here is what has been happening over the past two day of camp...

Day 4

This was the first day we actually saw clouds.  Yes, it was quite shocking to us as well!  The temperature stayed a bit warm over night and the snow was not as firm as we had been used to for our first runs of the morning.  It was still solid enough to be productive in working through the GS progression.  The girls took the opportunity to do some drills for their warm-up runs and are really buying into how important this camp is to work on their fundamental base, especially with the new GS ski radius.  We incorporated a couple variations of the drills we have been working on, and the girls are finding success on the new skis.  They all are making some great strides in their skiing in a relaxed atmosphere.  I think they all would agree, and probably have told you, they are making some of the best GS turns they have ever made!

In the afternoon, we played a solid 2.5 hours of beach volleyball!  The teams were constantly getting mixed up and everyone had the opportunity to shine.  The girls represent some of the best and most consistent servers in the games, although as they eluded to in the previous blog, testosterone tends to take over on the courts.  Nonetheless, it is very entertaining to get out there and dive around in the sand!

Day 5

With the weather report showing questionable conditions for today, we decided to move our day off to today and then finish with 6 straight days on snow.  The following is the girls entry...

           Today we had our day off.  After Sandra got us lost and sweaty trying to find a way to the gondola, we took a (sketchy) ride down a very steep hill to the little village of Venosc.  We could be easily identified as American tourists as we went picture crazy and attempted to communicate with a waitress who only spoke french (as Neza's quote exemplifies).  We enjoyed delicious crepes and gelato for desert. 

            After we arrived back to the hotel we enjoyed long naps and a relaxing period before we ate dinner at the hotel.  After dinner we analyzed our skiing through video and got pumped up for skiing tomorrow morning.  Hopefully it will be another blue sky day in the Alpes!   

Quotes of the day:

Ingrid:  "This coconut mousse taste like the smell of sunscreen."

Sandra: "Guys...the gondola goes down the hill."  Topher: "Yeah, we all know it goes down the hill."

Neza:  (talking to a French waitress) "What kind of cheese is this?  Cow?  Like... MOOOOOO?"

Elly: Woman working in the store (speaking in French) "Are you just looking, or would you like to try something on?" Elly, pretending to understand the question (speaking in French), "Yes." Woman working the store then repeats the question in English...

Tomorrow, we will be skiing GS again tomorrow and continuing to build their fundamental base.  We had a great video session tonight with a few serious "lightbulbs" going on, so they are anxious to get on snow tomorrow!

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