Friday, August 9, 2013

France Camp - Day 9

A blog entry from the girls and their trip to Grenoble...

           We woke up to the depressing sound of rumbling thunder and rain drops on metal roofs and our hopes of skiing today were diminished.  As we ate breakfeast our fears were confermed as we were told that again today the mountain would be closed.  Although as teenagers we were excited to sleep, we were brought to Grenoble, an hour and a half away.  We explored castle ruins, watched an overflowing muddy river, shopped, and some of us (Elly) ate frog legs.  We had a relaxing evening with chocolate mousse for desert (which excited everyone). 

            The clouds are breaking and the sun is emerging which is making us all even more excited to ski tomorrow!  We are all glad that the bad weather will be gone for our last two days in Les Deux!

Quotes of The Day:

Sandra: "Ingrid, your comupter is so light, I could throw it accross the room!"  Ingrid:  "How about we don't try that..."

Ingrid:  "Hey...the boys are acctually sitting with us for dinner, this interaction is good for them, they need more estrogen in their lives...seriously."

Elly:  "Guess what I ate today!...Frog Legs!"

Neza:  "No, Nick, I'm not addicted to my phone!"

Some photos from Neza

Tomorrow the weather is looking quite nice.  We are planning on being on our GS skis again since we missed out on skiing the previous two days.  The forecast is looking great for our last two days on-snow in France!

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