Monday, August 5, 2013

France Camp - Day 6

We have passed the halfway point of the camp which is both sad and exciting.  Sad that we are closer to leaving this beautiful place, but exciting that after 5 days on snow, the girls have made great progress in their skiing.  Today, we incorporated some new drills after our morning warm-up.  The snow was VERY firm to start the day...a bit too firm for the likes of my edges.  The girls handled it quite well and were very productive with their early runs.  As the morning progressed, the surface softened and we were able to be very productive with our drills.  They are starting to understand how to turn their new skis and are each developing their own keys to success.  It is fun to watch video and hear them talk about their skiing in such an enlightened way, seeing some of their issues and understanding what they will need to do to improve their skiing.  We also managed to get Pat Quiet to take a couple of team photos for us up on the hill, see below.

This afternoon was filled with another 2 hours of beach volleyball.  The girls are becoming known for their consistent serving ability and are vital members of whatever team they are on for the afternoon!

Tomorrow will be much of the same, GS fundamentals!  We are hoping for another solid day of drills and free skiing and then possibly working into some brushes and/or gates with the boys.

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